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Takanobu Hoshino
''A sampling+4''


“…I have composed by using the method of field sampling.

The making of my music begins all with the field sampling. At first I store the field sound that they sampled to a computer, and the most music is completed by letting a sound be irregular by my original technique in it.

I do not know the staff notation and, for the making of my music, am an irrelevant unnecessary. I do a sound sampled a field by various approach for the sound to a totally different thing (music).

For example, "A sampling+4" is irregular for an environmental sound of the neighborhood of home and pours a sound to appear from the water service of the garden over it.

In addition, as a result of "Car noise(sampling)" samples the environmental sound in the roadside that this according to title of a musical composition, car pass frequently, and having put unique abnormality for this, it is completed music. And I cover with the live sampling sound that I do not process.

For me, both the studio and the chorus unit have nothing, and there is not the need, too. Field needs only the sound that I sampled.

The sound stimulates my originality. It is a splendid expression method for me to perform abstract expression by a sound...”

Takanobu Hoshino

December 9, 2011.

Three similar ways to the one minimalistic entire.

   This solo work of Takanobu Hoshino lasts about half an hour. Three tracks draw attention to transient configurations without special focus to field recordings details, sampling or distant background. And behind all this is the constant landscape or idyll harmony of author’s composition.

/Obs, December 9, 11/

Три подобных пути к одному минималистичному целому.

  Сольная работа японского автора Таканобу Хосино длится около получаса. Три десятиминутных трека привлекают внимание к своим перетекающим/свободно существующим стабильным формам, не заостряющим особое внимание к частным деталям полевых записей, семплирования и отдаленному звуковому плану.  В этом кроется перманентность аудио-ландшафта или ''идиллическая" гармония авторской композиции.

/Obs, 9.12.11/

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