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obs * акусма AUDIOR|060 CD V/A 68 min,
limited edition









cd: 15eur worldwide incl shipping  

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Catastrophe, a sudden and widespread disaster:

the poisoning of the planet, the beginning of a war,

the collapse of a social organization, the extinction of a species.

The abrupt end of a collective dream.


Catastrophe, a change of fortune:

the end of an oppressive power,

the emergence of the new from the old, the irruption of a feeling.

The moment that precedes a liberation.


The obs/akousma/AUDIOR series is edited by Denis Shapovalov and Dante Tanzi





Acousmonium AUDIOR

Designed and built in 2012 by Eraldo Bocca, the acousmonium AUDIOR currently consists of a total of 54 loudspeakers (among full range and “narrow band”) distributed on the front and around concert hall (two concentric rings of 8 speakers each) the and 44 amps, has one analog console spatialization of 32 channels and two 16-channel digital console. The “narrow band” speakers reproduce only a part of the acoustic spectrum (Subwoofer, Low-mid, High-mid, Horn an Supertweeter) and can also be non-linear in their reproduction band. All speakers have been designed and built to the use with the acusmonium: some of the speakers full-range are modular and can be assembled so that they can be adapted to different configurations. The “narrow band” speakers have different types, in order to play the best audio range which they are intended, in particular, the speakers for the mid-range are dipolar to take advantage of the rear emission reflected back from the walls of the concert hall, while the speakers for the high frequency are hyperbolic horns which allow a great deal of pressure and linear emission. The acousmonium AUDIOR has been designed for the interpretation of the electro-acoustic classical and contemporary repertoire. The acousmonium connection is made with a designed system that allows rapid installation and a great flexibility of adaptation to the characteristics of the environment.



1. Philippe Leguérinel - Il gèle à la frontière chaque branche l'indique

2. Rick Nance - This Is Not A Model

3. Irene Pacini - Bruitxelles

4. Armando Balice - Le Crépuscule fané du phénix noir

5. Giuseppe Ielasi - Untitled

6. Julie Mansion-Vaquié - Solaris

7. Sergio Missaglia - Gliese 581d Internal Memory

Mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi




1 NOV 2016







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