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obs *  m e 065 CASSETTE/cdr/file solo, 20 min,
limited edition, standart case





Empty Monuments







cassette: 10eur worldwide incl shipping  


cdr: 10eur worldwide incl shipping

file: 7eur flac+jpeg cover. It will be sent to your mail.


contact: abser1@yandex.ru


l. Leaving Souzdal
ll. Empty Monuments
lll. Burial in Venice
tt: 20 min

Sound artist Vortichez has been collecting sounds world-over since 2010. After departing from London, 2 years in Berlin consuming as much techno as she could get her ears near preceded year-long
voyages to Hanoi, Nachingwea (rural Tanzania) and Zanzibar, Kazan and Moscow, Riga, and currently Astana. Her dynamic tape music reflects this diversity of sound sources and influences, transformed by an arsenal of computer tools into abstract sound worlds in a combination of acousmatics and soundscape.
Electroacoustics across the globe (and beyond).


released February 26, 2017







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