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1. Les Axiomes de la Tentation


Non-dialectical culture that is forming is still in its infancy, but it had a special place to arise, which is music. And it is music that tells us this growing thought doesn’t wonder nature or existence, but what does it mean to know. The language of music says what we do not know: it discovers the field of experience, uses the freedom of the poets, moves in the network of our knowledge, inhabits the dreams. Its dazzling clarity erases the borders of our mind’s provinces, and rises again for the first time in other times and other places. There, in listening, we recognize what is born in the heart of every man and in his bright imagination. Then, we will be tempted to fix new axioms.

2. Nuvole grigie – Omaggio a Liszt


“Nuvole grigie – Omaggio a Liszt” is an acousmatic stereo composition inspired by the homonymous piano work by Franz Liszt, Nuages gris: symbol of extreme modernity for its destabilizing dissonances, recreated through the classical laws of harmony, in the late nineteenth century. Nuvole grigie plays with the characteristic intervals of the opera by Liszt, highlighting the abstraction and the continued suspension.


Alba Francesca Battista (1987) graduated in Musica Elettronica, Piano and Physics.

Her compositions and papers are selected for many international contests (icmc 2014 International Computer Music Conference, Athens, Greece; ems14 Electroacoustic Music Beyond Concert Performance, Berlin, Germany; KEAMSAC 2014 Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society's Annual Conference, Seoul, Korea; icmc 2013 International Computer Music Conference, Perth, Australia; Vernice Contemporanea – 55ma Biennale d’Arte, Venice, Italy; …). Her electroacoustic work Nueva Luz won the third prize of the International Competition of Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro Monterrey sonom 2014 (Mexico).

She is the author of “Elementi di Acustica Fisica e sistemi di diffusione sonora” (2012) and “Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica. I nuovi strumenti che hanno rivoluzionato l’estetica della musica” (2014).

She works as Electroacoustic Professor for the Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Electroacoustic  Composition at “D. Cimarosa” Conservatory of Avellino, Italy.




3. Le Chant des Cendres
Created for the « Journées Européennes du Patrimoine 2010 » on the theme of the colonisation.
« If God put the gold in the earth, this is for we find it and use it
La Controverse de Valladolid – Text from JC Carriere
Michel Titin-Schnaider
Compose on a computer, mainly based on instrumental sounds. His music is intuitive (free of any kind of technical or predefined language). Electronic treatments, virtual or real instruments, field recording are mixed on works of expressionist style. He produced 7 albums

On his works the music evolve by micro variations, as a continuum...as in the real world: with accumulations of tension, loss of sense, increase of complexity, anxiety or relaxations.





4. Natural

5. Paper

6. Glass


Masayuki Imanishi is a Japanese sound artist. Sound is made of paper, field recording, radio, microphone, object, sometimes a cat.



6. 03. 15.






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