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obs * миф| 041 cd collaboration, lim 300 num copies

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the act of moving inside of this dimension requires a specific entry point - due to the fragile complication of finding this entry point  often gestures are made that seem incidental, haphazard, and or like a clumsy dance.  however - these gestures each acquire a particular sense when the non-linear goal is kept in mind...

 an accumulation of gestures that result in the correct connection to the necessary transducers.  as the interface is in constant flux so this technology must transform and adjust at a moments notice.  

it is the ultimate organic interweaving of intention that creates the impression that the system is on the brink of evaporation - however it is the most fundamental indicator that all is in perfect working order...

Michael Northam, 2012.


Spontaneous live recordings of the trio, taken from concerts in 2004 and 2006. The concerts in 2006 were presented with a video projection of a Taiwanese artist Wan-Shuen Tsai. The drawings on the CD cover are also her works.


For many years now, Yannick Dauby, Hitoshi Kojo, and Michael Northam have collected environmental sounds with varying degrees of obfuscation and abstraction, often melding such sounds with sympathetic electro-acoustic noises, textures, scrabblings, and lots of heady drones. Northam's work is certainly the most well documented at least here at aQuarius (most recently through his ongoing collaboration with holy minimalist CC Hennix), although we have stocked much of Kojo's work in his various projects (e.g. Spiracle and Juppala Kaippo). The Frenchman Dauby (currently residing in Taiwan) is the purist amongst the three, prefering to contextualize untreated field recordings within his compositions, which is especially true for his most recent body of work. Kojo treks back and forth between tactile, growling harmonics and playfully dream-time minimalism, often sourced from his field recordings; and Northam's recently forays into psychedelic ragas morphed out of a conceptually rigorous and industrially grim sound design. Corgilon seems to have emerged from several recording sessions that convey the introspective mystery of a private ritual, with all three participants generating bright tones from various bells and pieces of scrap metal along with the organic crunch of stick, rock, and sand. The tactile sounds find themselves at the foreground at the beginning of the record, only to be slowly consumed in reverberant drones and golden ambience. If this sounds like something that might emerge out of any given Jewelled Antler offshoot, you're awfully close to the earthen mysticism found here. Limited to a mere 300 copies.

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fragment: 1_korligon.mp3

fragment: 2_korligon.mp3



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